Founded in 1982 by Don Pokelwaldt, Waldt Construction initially focused on the demands of the vacation home boom. As the Outer Banks market developed, Waldt began to focus on building beautiful and luxurious, custom year-round homes, ranging in size from 2000 square feet to 11,000 square feet. Today we build vacation homes, year round homes and remodel and add to existing homes. See examples of some of the well crafted homes that we've built here.

Simultaneously, Waldt tackled the commercial market. Today we are the only Outer Banks contractor that participates in the bonded commercial construction market. As such, Waldt has built or renovated many Outer Banks and Northeastern North Carolina landmarks, such as the First Flight Centennial facilities associated with the Wright Brother's memorial, the renovation of the Mattamuskeet Lodge and the renovation of the Pea Island lifesaving station's exterior back to its original 1879 glory. Waldt has built retail space, churches, schools, health care facilities, and sports facilities throughout the area. See examples of some of our work here.

And Waldt continues to diversify. Waldt has decided to launch a new division, Waldt Renewables, that is focused on helping everyone from state institutions to the residential customer see the real value and benefits of renewable energy technology.

Waldt's commitment to integrity and quality and the breadth of experience that they have with all types of construction makes them the leading contractor in Northeastern North Carolina.

Bridge McDowell

Bridge McDowell is a graduate engineer from Duke University. After graduation he worked for the Parsons Corporation and Morrison Knudsen Corporation, two of the largest engineering and construction companies in the world. As a project manager and Vice President, Bridge focused on international infrastructure projects that had him travelling and working in 35 different countries on five continents. As president of Waldt Construction for the last eleven years, Bridge takes a hands-on approach to all projects that Waldt is involved in. He believes in honest and timely communication that builds long term relationships with customers. When Bridge is not working, he enjoys being with his family and coaching soccer. He also continues to enjoy traveling all around the world.

Don Pokelwaldt

Don Pokelwaldt grew up in the Buffalo area and then served 24 years in the United States Navy, earning the highest enlisted rank of Master Chief and responsible for maintenance of F-14 aircraft. After he retired from the Navy, he founded Waldt Construction and built the business from a small residential contractor into the only bonded commercial and residential construction firm with an unlimited building license based on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Don loves to travel the country in his motor home and spend time with his children and grandchildren who reside in the Virginia tidewater area. Working on his golf game is a continuing challenge, but with new bionic shoulders he finally is getting more distance on his drives.

Darren "Smitty" Smith
Project Superintendent

Smitty brings over 20 years of on the job experience on commercial and residential construction projects, including historic renovations, school construction, health care facility construction and mixed use facility construction. He is familiar with schedule control procedures, subcontractor management and safety training. Darren was the Project Superintendent most recently for the Swan Quarter Credit Union, the Outer Banks visitor center and many other Waldt Construction projects. Darren lives in Williamston with his wife Dori and son.

Glenn Phillips

Glenn came on board with Waldt in 2013. More info to come.........

Reese Patterson
Waldt's "Jack of All Trades"

Reese has over 30 years of construction experience and brings this experience to bear on each Waldt job that he is involved in. Reese is also a competitive surfer and has traveled the world as a top rated professional surfer on the ASP world tour, where he was ranked number 4 in the world. He still competes in East Coast surfing events. When not surfing, he enjoys spending time with his family or fishing.

Mandy Cervantes
Office Manager

Mandy is the office manager for Waldt Construction. She has a degree in Accounting from ECSU (Viking Pride!). She also acts as the human resources coordinator, safety director and assists in estimating and project administration. Mandy also raced quads on dirt and ice for 9 years with the name "Mandy 'Wild Child' Brodil". She was the 5 time World I.C.E. Champion, 5 time Women's National Short Track Champion and 2004 Women's National TT Champion. Her proudest accomplishment is her little girl!

Paulique Horton
Project Coordinator/Administrative Assistant for Waldt Construction & Waldt Renewables

Paulique is currently helping in the development process of Waldt Renewables as well as the day to day operations that deal with keeping Waldt Construction's current projects flowing for a timely completion date. Paulique attended ECSU (Viking Pride!), where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Paulique enjoys spending time with her family and loved ones, working out and living a healthy and prosperous life.

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